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The Property Experts

The Southside Jakarta is a boutique property agency that offers luxury and premium apartments in South Jakarta. With more than 8 years of experience, we have worked with more than 10 corporate clients as well as hundreds of expatriates and local individuals as our clients.

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The Team


Desy W. Pardede

Founder and Senior Agent

Desy has been in the property industry for 8 years. With the expertise of luxury apartments for expatriates, she has built and maintained relationships with more than 100 individual clients. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from Trisakti University and an alumna of SMA 70 Jakarta.


Salma Dhiya Effendi

Business Development Associate

Salma is a business development and marketing specialist, who had been on numerous entrepreneurial journeys and worked in several organizations. She holds a Finance degree from Universitas Indonesia and currently continuing her studies in Marketing Management. Prior to that, she went to SMA 6 Jakarta.

About: Our Team
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