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How to stay focused while working from home?

Whilst in this pandemic and work from home mode, we may have a hard time drawing boundaries between our sacred home and the busy-ness of our work. It's hard to resist the temptation of working from bed or the other way around, sleeping with a laptop on our side. It's a hard situation for both procrastinators and workaholics. And oh, let's not mention how hectic it is to manage a child during the school from home period.

Hence, we have a few tips for you to manage your work, home life, and health. Let's take a look.

1) First and foremost, set up your "home office" and/or the right environment.

Now, if you don't have the budget, a home office doesn't mean you have to build a room and spend your money on it. Setting up your office at home simply means you have a comfortable chair and desk for you to work with, a sufficient amount of light, and minimal distraction for you to stay focused.

2) Schedule your office work and home-work to manage both.

If you want to live independently and don't have a maid, you need to schedule and use a timetable. For example, 7 AM - Morning walk, 8 AM - Cook breakfast & clean, 9 AM - Start to work. P.S.: Don't forget to take a break and eat your meal!

3) The last sentence leads to this point: Take care of your body.

Do not overwork and set boundaries for your physical health. Sleep enough 6-8 hours per day, drink your vitamin, and do light exercise. We tend to take our health for granted but we need to take extra care for us to not get sick.

4) You have to be in the right mind.

The pandemic is an extremely difficult time for a lot of people. Be considerate and respectful to your colleagues, and communicate openly. You might want to meditate before and after work to bring focus and peace, especially if there are some problems at home.

Hopefully, these 4 tips will help you to be more focused at work and able to balance it out with home-work. If you are looking for a more comfortable apartment to stay in during this WFH, you may contact us, The Southside Jakarta. Or if you need help finding a maid, we will facilitate that for you. Take care and good luck!

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